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“I have lived with anxiety for years, nothing had worked until now……understanding why this is happening to me and how to control it was key in my recovery” Sarah


“I always felt tired, waking in the night every night.  Hypnotherapy changed this.  I now sleep through the night and feel energised”.  Everything feels so much better, Jonathan


“For years I have never been on holiday due to my fear of flying……thank you for the hypnotherapy I finally went and swam with dolphins…an experience I would never of had without your help” Simon


“After being diagnosed with COPD I knew I had to stop smoking…….thank you for your help I haven’t

smoked for 4 months”, David     


Solution focused hypnotherapy combines both psychotherapy and hypnosis.  It is a goal orientated approach which works quickly to support clients to address and overcome debilitating conditions and difficulties.  It is different from stage hypnosis and induces a relaxed trance state where the therapist can work directly with the clients subconscious and conscious mind.  The client is in complete control throughout.  Hypnotherapy helps to alleviate debilitating conditions such as anxiety, phobias, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, OCD and panic attacks.  It also works well to address specific areas of difficulty such as presentation anxiety, stopping smoking and weight management.  It can also support chronic pain reduction by helping to interrupt the pain messages to the brain.


I have practiced as a therapist for 12 years with successful results.  As a multi-disciplined therapist, I am able to combine different therapies to suit the client utilising psychotherapy, stress management therapy, NLP and solution focused hypnotherapy.  This approach supports clients to quickly address and overcome difficulties.  I first became interested in hypnotherapy after suffering from presentation anxiety for 30 years.  After numerous attempts of trying to overcome this problem I decided to try hypnotherapy.  Hypnotherapy helped to desensitise previous difficult experiences of presenting and whilst in a trance state I was susceptible to the suggestions of being a competent and confident presenter in the future.  After 4 sessions I stood up in front of over 200 people and delivered a presentation.  It is at that point I truly understood that we are in control of our own mind if we unlock our own ability to do so. 


I often explain to clients that anxiety and debilitating conditions feel like we are fighting polar bears.  We sit in a part of the brain which utilises a fight, flight and freeze response.  This is necessary if we are fighting polar bears but not so useful when we are dealing with difficulties, for example, at work or within our relationships.  Through solution focused therapy the client will understand why they are experiencing those symptoms, how the mind works, how to control the symptoms and develop new neural pathways to work towards positive outcomes which they want to achieve.

Victoria Maidment-Vint (DSLF, HPD)

Registered clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist

Association of solution focused hypnotherapists (AofSFH) 

and the National Council of hypnotherapists and

psychotherapists (NCH, NCP).


DBS checked and insured


Hypnotherapy sessions can help address a wide variety of issues


Stress is a common issue we encounter in our lives. Feeling stressed out? Learn to constructively manage your stress levels.


Psychotherapy treatment that utilises the CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy), NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) and Hypnotherapy.


Hypno-Reiki is a combination of two of the most wonderfully relaxing therapies; hypnotic sleep and ever popular Reiki. 


If you've tried every diet under the sun and still can't lose weight, hypnotherapy may be your answer.

If patches, chewing gum, counselling, and other smoking cessation methods haven't helped you kick the habit, don't give up 


Fear of Public speaking is the scourge of the boardroom and wedding party alike. Find out where the root of your anxiety comes from.


Used to suggest to the subconscious that you've had a gastric band fitted around your stomach, to help you lose weight


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